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Chitarra Funky

Questa ragazza suona in 2 minuti tutta una serie di funky-tricks per chitarra in modo eccezionale! Precisa sul manico, e’ bellissimo vedere la morbidezza e l’accuratezza della mano destra mentre da’ le pennate sulle corde.

E adesso con un’altra chitarra…

E adesso insieme! Adesso finalmente giusto:

Non c’e’ che dire, mi piacerebbe proprio riuscire a suonare come lei!

Keith Richard’s sound

Yesterday I listened to the Rolling Stones, and Keith Richard has a pretty peculiar sound. It was not so easy (in fact I didn’t manage) to reproduce it with my guitar, I couldn’t find the proper chords and notes. I turned to youtube and I found out that Keith Richard plays with a guitar that is tuned a little bit different: Keef open G.

In practice this means that you have to tune down of one tone the E and the A strings. This results in a D-G-D-G-B-D, which is a nice G chord with the fifth at the bass without touching the guitar. And also in the typical sound of the Rolling Stones! But, browsing the internet I stumbled upon this nice video: