The pumpkin soup is a very easy recipe that will increase your name as cook. You'll need: * some pumpkin * some potatoes * onion(s) * carrot and celery * Dice of Parmigiano crust (optionally but very good) As any good recipe the doses are decided by faith, that will make the result your soup very dynamical. Chop the onion, the carrot and celery in small pieces. I would use an average onion, on the basis of how much onion you use you have to correct the dose of carrot and celery. Put everything in a pot, whose bottom you will have covered with a layer of olive oil. Switch on the fire, quite low. In the meanwhile you have to peel the pumpkin, which is the quite a hard task if you do not have a very sharp knife. A trick to peel it can be to pre-cook the pumpkin for some 5-10 minutes in a microwave oven (in a closed pirex pot). Otherwise you can wait another week before cooking this soup. As soon as the pumpkin is peeled cut it in small pieces and put it in the pot, with the onions. Clean the potatoes and cut them in dice anc put them in the pot. At this point add water, up to the level of the vegetables, and add as much salt as needed (AN). The soup must then cook with a medium/low fire for at least 1.5 hours; forget to make it faster, because it is the long time cooking that makes the soup so good. You can add the Parmigiano crust in this phase. When the soup will be cooked, the pumpkin will be melted, the potatoes will be cooked (but still in dice) and the water will be evaporated. Serve in a dish, with some olive oil, some pepper; I would not add Parmigiano if you already put the crust dice.

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