I generally do this recipe after I cook the [[salmone_edoardo|salmon]] in the oven, and some salmon is left. * 1 white onion * 2 or 3 cherry tomatoes (depending on how much salmon you have) just to give some color. * already [[salmone_edoardo|cooked salmon filet]] I take a small white onion and fry slowly in a pan, until it gets soft and blonde. then I put the crunched salmon and keep it frying for a while. I put some cherry tomatoes (2 or 3) and some salt. When the pasta is almost [[al_dente|cooked]] I add the cream (the one for cooking that is more solid) and some of the water of the pasta: enough to make a sort of dense liquid. Dry the pasta and put it in the pan together with the sauce. Fits well with grinded pepper. Save some of the cooking water of the pasta in case that the result is too dry. Suggested pasta format is farfalle, or in general a short and smooth one.

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