Pizza is a worldwide known meal, generally good. It is a very versatile meal that can fit every taste; anyway it is not seldom seen that some absurd things are cooked on the pizza. But everyone has it’s own taste.

New recipe

Recentely I tried out this new recipe to make pizza:

  • yeast (dried)
  • flour
  • water (half of the flour amount)
  • salt
  • olive oil

Put the flour, dried yeast, salt and oliv oil in a bowl and add water for the dough (depending on how much pizza I want, 250 ml of water and 500 g of flour are enough for 6 persons). Mix the ingredients, initially with a wooden spoon, later with the hands. Add flour if the dough is sticky.

Once the dough is made I let it grow some 4 hours. After I put it on the plate for the oven, not before I have oiled it with olive oil. I make the pizza dough 5 mm thick. I let the dough to rest (at least) 45 min more after I put it on the plate.

Then I put the tomato sauce (that I prepare directly with olive oil, garlic, salt, oregano and at least 500 g of cherry tomatoes; it cooks for 20 mins, there must be some liquid)

Then I put the other things on the pizza and put it in the oven. Mozzarella is to be put 2 minutes before the pizza is ready otherwise it will melt and burn.

Cooking time is around 20 min in a hot oven (220 C), close to the lower resistance so that the bottom of the pizza will be crunchy and cooked.

On what to put on a pizza

My suggestion is keep it simple:

  • Pizza with fresh tomato, oregano olive oil and big grain salt
  • Pizza Margherita, with pomarola, mozzarella (do not put on the pizza before baking because otherwise it will bleed all the water, put it at half cooking), oregano. Optionally it is very good with Gorgonzola.
  • Calzone: folded pizza, that is obtained by decorating only half of the surface of the pizza and then folding it. I would make a margherita, maybe with some ham.

Old recipe

My suggestion is not to put too many things on a pizza.

The most important part of a pizza is the bread (support). After some trials I found that the one that is made This recipe uses the leaven as yeast is far the best (with some salt 2/3 tea spoonful, and some olive oil in the dough). So, once you decide to make pizza, make the dough with the sour dough and let it grow for the night. In the morning re-work the dough and make some small balls: big enough to fit you fist. Let the balls grow for the day.

After the second grown, the balls can be flattened. The thickness depends on the taste; I do some 2/3 mm. The dough the balls are made of doesn’t break even if very thin. As soon as you have your pizza dough flat you can “decorate” with what you like.

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