== Abstract == Everything started long time ago, when a friend of mine was talking about this //pasta alla panna e limone// they were serving at the posh restaurant he was working at. Well, that pasta became my //pasta alla panna e salmone// just adding smoked salmon to it (recipe I developed when I was in England, coreans are crazy for it). == Ingredients == * Double cream or creme freche * Smoked salmon * Lemon peel * Parsley * Olive oil * Salt (for cooking the pasta) * Pasta (farfalle is the best) == Recipe == Grate some lemon peel avoiding the white part of it. Cut in very fine //listellini// some more lemon peel, always avoiding the white part (you will keep it for later). Warm some olive oil in a frying pan. Add the grated lemon peel and switch off the fire (you do not want to burn it). The lemon smell will fill the kitchen and you will feel happy. Add the smoked salmon in small pieces (it doesn't have to cook), and the cream. The cream will warm up a bit. When the pasta is ready, drain it and add it to the sauce when still hot so that the salmon will cook a bit. Add half of the parsley you have finely chopped before (parsley is an herb that the finest it is cut the strongest is the taste). == How to serve it== On a plate, of course. Add the remaining parsley and lemon peel on top of the pasta. A couple of leaves of parsley will do the icing on the cake. ==What to drink== I suggest a white wine, Verdicchio (7 euros at the shop in Nieuwe Rijn, if you live in Leiden). ==Variations== None. It is perfect like this. ==Where to buy== Unfortunately, Holland is not England, and I have not yet found the same amazing smoked salmon I used to eat in England. If you have any suggestions, please, update this page.

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