youm youm, I did this recipe first on 11 march 2006! It is not very hard as a work, but quite long maybe... but the result is very good! Why should I write a recipe that is not good? anyway... First of all we need lasagne! They are a particular shape of a more general [[pasta_uovo| egg dough]]. Let's assume that we already have the dough, now we have to flatten it to a thickness a little bit less than a millimeter. The surface of the lasagna should be something around 100 cm<sup>2</sup>, better if rectangular. Once you have quite some of these lasagna layers you can prepare the sauce; for this you need (suggested quantity): * courgettes (2) * egg fruit (1) * champignons mushrooms (250g) * carrots (2 big ones) * onion or some milder relative * tomato (1), just to give some colour Slice the onion and cook with some olive oil, while you cut the carrots a la julienne (or in "long" pieces). Let the onions and the carrot cook for a while before putting the courgettes and the egg fruit, both cut a la julienne. Just not forget to put salt on the sliced egg fruit and let it "sweat" the bitter water they contain. After a while add the tomato and the champignons in slices. This sauce must not be too cooked since it has to go in the oven for some 20-30 minutes. Once you're done with this part, now comes the moment to assemble the lasagne! I suggest to use a very fluid [[besciamelle]] so that you don't have to boil first the lasagna layers!!! In a rectangular container (teglia in italian, plat in french, I don't know in english) put some sauce at the bottom, and then put a layer of lasagna, then a layer of [[besciamelle]] and a layer of sauce again and redo the procedure 5 or 6 times. The total thickness of the lasagne should be about 1 inch. Put everything in the oven for at least 20-30 minutes at 180 degrees.

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