(4-2-06) - I am sorry, guys. This recipe is a family secret.

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Let’s start with the ingredients.

         * 2 crayfish (per person)
         * 2 prawns (per person)
         * 3 schrimps (per person)
         * 1 cuttle fish
         * Some garlic
         * Spaghetti (number 5 from Barilla, my favourites)
         * Tomatoes or tomato sauce (although I normally use both)
         * 1-2 glasses of white wine, depending how much fish you have
         * Parsley
         * Chilly pepper

This is more or less everything you will need to cook this delicious dish. Obviously you can substitute any ingredients you don’t like or add others you think might go well. Feel free to do it.

         To be continued...

(14-2-06) - No, don’t worry. This is not a tribute to Valentine. I just have some free time...

Let’s continue where we left it...

Cut the garlic and the chilly pepper in very small pieces and put them into a pan with some olive oil. Fry them until they get a bit of colour. Just a little bit, otherwise they will become burned. At this point you should put also the cuttle fish already cut in stripes of (more or less, don’t use a ruler) 1x2cm and fry it for no more than 1 minute. Add the rest of the fish (previously washed and cleaned) and some parsley into the pan and fry it until it also get some colour. This is the moment for adding the white wine. Boil everything for 2-3 minutes. Afterwards put the tomato sauce, tomatoes or both (and some more parsley if you like) in the pan and one (or two or evn three) glass(es) of water. Now the tedious part is coming... You have, no sorry, you must boil this for at least one hour and a half. The longer the better ;) And don’t forget to stir it from time to time.

I hope I don’t have to explain how to cook the pasta as well. Just ask somebody around.

(15-2-06) - Eet smakelijk.

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