**Abstract** I cooked this pasta for the first time last summer (2006). Some of my friends really appreciated it. I will introduce you to the //mild// version of it. I do not usually follow recipes step by step--there was no written recipe, I invented it--, so I will not give you the right amounts of ingredients. You must follow your taste. At the end, there are some possible variations I tried myself. **Ingredients** <file> * Feta cheese * Black olives * Fresh mint * Olive oil * Garlic * Black pepper * Salt (for cooking the pasta) * Pasta (possibly short) </file> **Recipe** Cook the pasta [[al dente]] in a lot of salty water. Then, add all the rest. Garlic and mint should be finely chopped. Stir the pasta gently, until the feta cheese dissolves. It can be served either warm or cold, depending on the season (in The Netherlands there is only one season...). **How to serve it** On a plate! Keep some young and tender mint leaves, and put them on top of the pasta. Every woman will fall in love with you (men are so stupid they will take it out the plate and put it aside). **What to drink** Any red wine. Please, do not waste any money buying 5 euro wine in the supermarket. For 1 euro more you can have excellent wine in the shop in Nieuwe Rijn, close to Velvet (if you live in Leiden). **Variations** I love this pasta with blue cheese. Keep all the ingredients above, and add some strong blue cheese (danblue, stilton or roquefort). One could also put coriander instead of mint. **Where to buy** At the far side of the Saturday's Leiden market--were the fish market is--there is a nice turkish stand. I think the feta cheese there is the best you can find. And, of course, you will find there also black olives, fresh mint and garlic.

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