The film about John Rambo is a good movie. Unfortunately the heavy fighting, super-muscular, very swift character played by Sly took over the slightly deeper content of denounce of the phenomenon of the lost veterans.

Veterans of the Vietnam war would come back home and become more and more unfit to the normal life; becoming eventually homeless and less sociable. John Rambo was one of them; roaming through the States to seek his comrades, he is harrassed by local police, jailed and beaten until, after his escape from the county jail he hides in the bushes starting his personal war against the local sherif.

Well, guess what! Another war (two wars, Afghanistan and Iraq) and another wave of veterans coming back home. The soldiers that return from Afghanistan and Iraq often suffer of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and have the same problems of John Rambo.

Here a BBC documentary about the Lost Veterans and their struggles reintegrating into civilian society, and why they feel abandoned by the US military.

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